Flat Fee Services

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What are Flat-Fee Legal Services?

Navigating the court system without the assistance of a divorce attorney can be difficult in normal circumstances. With the added uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly important for pro se parties to seek alternative forms of representation.

Appearing pro se simply means that you are appearing on your own behalf, without an attorney. Some courts are now advising that parties without family law attorneys consider obtaining limited-scope representation, often called “unbundled” legal services. Our unbundled services are available for a flat-fee, per service.

Limited-scope representation is when your lawyer handles only some parts of your case, as compared to a traditional relationship where the attorney handles all aspects of your case. 

Lawyer signing documents.

Unbundled representation is a way for you to choose, a-la-carte, what legal services your attorney can provide you. You can mix-and-match the specific tasks your attorney is completing for you. The flat-fee options below represent all phases of the divorce process, from consultation to trial. Your attorney can also coach you how to represent yourself pro se and can help with preparing your case. No matter where you find yourself in the process, we’ve got your back!

*All of the following services are offered on a flat-fee, per-service basis and do not include an attorney entering an appearance on your behalf except mediation.
You will be pro se unless an attorney is actually retained to represent you in court.

Complimentary Consultation

1ST CONSULT: (15 to 20 minute phone call)

Brief discussion of the situation.

Review the court process.

Next steps.

In-Depth Consultation: $100

2nd CONSULT: (30 to 60 minutes)

In depth discussion of issues building on first consult.

Detailed review of the court process and expectations of client.

Detailed game plan/strategy.

Get Started: $500

We interview you.

We draft the 1st set of documents to start the divorce:
-Petition for Dissolution
-Case Information Sheet
-Waiver of Service or Return of Service

We review the documents with you and walk you through the court process.

(Does not include attorney entry of appearance)

The Middle Part: $500

Document Drafting & Review

We draft your Separation Agreement

We draft your Parenting Plan

We help review maintenance and child support numbers and prepare those worksheets.
(Client must provide all information)

Get Finished: $500

Document Finalization

We draft final documents including proposed decree, affidavits of non-appearance, child support order, and wage-assignment

Advice as to how to close out the case and what to do to bring the case to conclusion.

Mediation: $250 per hour*

We interview you and review your case and goals.

Attorney appears at MEDIATION with you and helps you arrive at a fair settlement if possible.

*Capped at $1000

Sworn Financial Statement Prep: $500*

We interview you, discussing assets and debts.

We guide you through gathering all necessary documents.

We prepare your Sworn Financial Statement.

*Plus depending on size of marital estate

Modification: $500

We interview you about your situation and goal.

We advise as to options.

We speak in-depth about CFI.

We draft the modification for you.

Additional $100 for each revision.

(Does not include representation at hearing)

Step-Parent Adoption: $1500

We interview you about your situation and goals.

We prepare all necessary documents.

Includes 2 half hour consults during the process.

Take It To Trial: $2000

We interview you and review all documents filed.

We prepare exhibits and witness list for trial.

We draft direct and cross examination.

We coach for up to 2 hours to help you prepare to do the permanent orders hearing on your own.

Coaching: $500

We sit with you for up to 2 hours and review all paperwork and answer any and all questions you have about the process to prepare you to file and handle the case on your own.

Get the right support and advice
for your unique situation